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Yoast SEO Premium

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  • Achieve higher website traffic from Google and Bing
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  • Enhance engagement among your readers
  • We will guide you through each step, eliminating the need to rely on misinformation or hire an SEO expert.

Let’s have a closer look at Yoast SEO Free Premium

Continue reading to discover the precise ways in which it can assist you in staying competitive, and to explore the range of additional SEO features we incorporate into your website!

Create SEO-friendly content with Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Free

Receive assistance in optimizing your posts for desired keyphrases effortlessly. Yoast SEO simplifies the process by identifying related keyphrases, synonyms, and various word forms of your target keyphrases*. This enables you to write in a more natural manner while facilitating content improvement for both your audience and search engines.

*Supported languages include English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Turkish, Slovak, Czech, Indonesian, Greek, and Japanese.

Save time and spot opportunities with Yoast SEO Premium workouts

Yoast SEO Free

In order to maintain a well-ranking and healthy website, regular SEO practices are essential. The Yoast SEO workouts provide step-by-step guidance on crucial routine SEO tasks and assist in identifying optimization opportunities, including uncovering hard-to-find and unlinked content on your website.

Set up a solid internal linking structure

Yoast SEO Free

Acquire a site structure that is easily comprehensible to both your visitors and Google. Yoast SEO Premium offers robust internal linking tools that provide valuable insights on areas for improvement and guide you on what to enhance and how to do it.

Prevent your visitors from ending up on dead links

Prevent 404 errors and dead-ends on your website with ease. The redirect manager in Yoast SEO Premium automatically generates and handles redirects whenever you move or delete content, ensuring smooth navigation for your visitors.

Additionally, Yoast SEO Premium assists in automatically incorporating structured data, aiding Google in comprehending the information on your site more effectively.

Incorporating structured data is a highly impactful method to enhance the visibility of your website on search engines. With Yoast SEO, structured data is automatically integrated, and you have the flexibility to enrich your site with additional structured data. This significantly improves your chances of achieving rich results.

Furthermore, Yoast SEO ensures visually appealing posts in search results and on social media, giving you confidence in the presentation of your content.

Utilize the Google and social previews feature to gain a visual representation of how your post will appear when shared online. This valuable tool allows you to assess and optimize your post to its fullest potential, ensuring optimal presentation across various platforms.

Get integrations with powerful platforms

Yoast search engine marketing plugin purposes yet benefits

Optimize for synonyms then related keywords

With Yoast SEO Free, you have the ability to optimize your posts and pages by incorporating your preferred keywords into the search results. In the Premium version, you can even add synonyms and related keywords for further optimization.

We also provide a content check that analyzes your content to ensure that you are using keywords effectively – not too frequently, but in the right places.

Indeed, Yoast SEO Premium greatly simplifies the process of appealing to search engines. In the Yoast SEO free version, you can only focus on one keyword, whereas the Premium version allows you to choose from multiple keywords.

In both versions, Yoast SEO Free not only assists in improving your ranking in search results but also boosts your confidence in the process.

Internal linking suggestions – Premium only

Internal linking is highly crucial as it enables search engines to comprehend the structure of your website. However, manually adding hyperlinks can be time-consuming, tedious, and frustrating. With the internal linking feature in Yoast SEO Premium, those challenges are a thing of the past.

This feature analyzes your text and provides suggestions for relevant posts to link to as you write, eliminating all the hassle associated with internal linking. We are particularly enthusiastic about this feature, and we understand the value it brings to your website optimization process.

Preview concerning your web page between Google

With the snippet editor in Yoast SEO Free, you gain the ability to view your post or page from the perspective of a Google user. You can assess how your content will appear in the search results, including how it will look on mobile screens. This feature allows you to evaluate whether your link is enticing enough for users to click on it.

In the free version, you can only preview your link in Google, and not in platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Preview regarding this page in communal media – Premium only

Verify how your page will appear when shared on Facebook or Twitter. Is the title aligned correctly? Does the accompanying image match? Ensuring that your media shares appear appealing is crucial if you want to encourage people to click.

To avoid the need for manual adjustments with every post, you can simply set up a template. The Yoast SEO Free WordPress plugin offers this functionality, allowing you to apply templates to various types of pages, saving you time and effort.

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