How To Fix WordPress Missing Color And Underline Font Options

How To Fix WordPress Missing Color And Underline Font Options: WordPress is an incredibly popular and user-friendly platform, empowering individuals and businesses to create stunning websites and engaging blogs effortlessly. One of the platform’s key attractions lies in its diverse formatting options, allowing content creators to enhance the visual appeal of their web pages. However, some users have encountered perplexing issues where essential formatting options, such as color and underline font, appear to be inexplicably absent from the editing interface. In this article, we will unravel the mysteries behind these missing options and explore bursty solutions to resolve this puzzling problem.

WordPress Missing Color And Underline Font Options

Understanding WordPress Formatting Options

Before delving into the enigmatic disappearance of color and underline font options, let’s embark on a journey to comprehend how WordPress handles text formatting. At the heart of WordPress content creation lies the Rich Text Editor (RTE), a versatile tool enabling users to craft captivating content without the need for coding expertise. Through its array of formatting buttons, including bold, italic, alignment, and more, the RTE grants creators the power to design their pages with ease and sophistication.

Missing Color and Underline Font Options

Within the rich tapestry of formatting choices offered by the RTE, color and underline font stand as indispensable elements. These options are wielded to emphasize critical points, add visual diversity to the text, and elevate the overall user experience. However, some users have come face to face with an enigma—a conundrum where these specific formatting options vanish from their RTE, leaving them confounded and frustrated.

Perplexity: Possible Reasons for Missing Options

Behind the veils of perplexity, we find several potential culprits that may cause color and underline font options to elude the WordPress RTE. Let us embark on a journey to explore the most common reasons:

WordPress Version

The passage of time can erode even the most robust structures. Similarly, outdated versions of WordPress may lose certain features and updates, including cherished formatting options. To unlock the full potential of the platform, diligent custodians must keep their WordPress installations current, ensuring they gain access to the latest enhancements and fixes.

Theme Limitations

In the vast landscape of WordPress themes, some possess an idiosyncrasy that imposes limitations on text formatting options. Themes with constrained support for such options may inadvertently contribute to the omission of vital features like color and underline font, leaving users yearning for their revival.

Plugin Conflicts

Within the bustling ecosystem of WordPress plugins, harmonious coexistence is not always guaranteed. Conflicts between diverse plugins can trigger a series of unforeseen consequences, leading to erratic behavior within the RTE. These conflicts, we postulate, may serve as agents of mystery, concealing the whereabouts of our missing formatting options.

Burstiness: Troubleshooting the Issue

To burst through the barriers of perplexity and reclaim the lost gems of color and underline font, brave souls may embark on a journey of troubleshooting. Here lie the steps to unfurl this tantalizing riddle:

Updating WordPress and Plugins

A burst of freshness can often breathe life back into our digital realm. Ensuring that WordPress and all installed plugins are of the latest vintage can work wonders, addressing bugs, and rekindling lost features.

Checking Theme Settings

A burst of inspiration may lead us to the settings of our active theme. Herein lies the potential to unlock the hidden vaults of text formatting options. Some themes may bestow upon us the power to customize available formatting choices, and with a simple burst of enablement, color and underline font may shimmer back into existence.

Disabling Conflicting Plugins

A burst of courage may lead us to face the shadows cast by conflicting plugins. Temporarily disabling all non-essential plugins could set the stage for a dramatic revelation. If, through this act of bravery, the formatting options resurface, the veil may be lifted, allowing us to identify the rogue agent and seek its reform or alternative companionship.

WordPress Missing Color And Underline Font Options

Bursting Alternatives: Resilience in Adversity

Sometimes, even the most tenacious efforts of troubleshooting cannot dispel the mystery. But fret not, for there exist alternative pathways to attain similar outcomes:

Using Custom CSS

Harnessing the power of code, a burst of creativity can manifest in the form of custom CSS. This sorcery allows us to bestow colors and underlines upon specific elements or sections of our content, granting us unparalleled control over the symphony of visual delights.

Utilizing Page Builders

In the realm of WordPress, ingenuity abounds. The burst of a page builder plugin empowers creators with the ability to construct bespoke layouts and designs without the burdens of coding. Many page builders beckon with advanced text formatting options, providing a resplendent alternative to the default RTE.

Exploring Font Plugins

A burst of exploration can lead us to the troves of specialized plugins, each dedicated to the enchantment of fonts and typography. Among these treasures, we may discover plugins that unveil the elusive formatting options, rendering our WordPress editing experience one of delight.

Enhancing the WordPress Writing Experience: The Burst of Gutenberg

As the winds of change sweep across the digital landscape, we witness the burst of Gutenberg—a visionary block-based editing interface from the realms of WordPress. Through the magic of Gutenberg, creators may craft content with boundless flexibility and functionality. The burst of possibilities arises as we experiment with diverse block types and styles, casting an enchanting spell upon the hearts of our readers.

Bursting with Other Text Formatting Options

Color and underline font are but a glimpse of the kaleidoscope of Gutenberg. Bursting forth from its arsenal are an array of other formatting options, including strikethrough, highlight, and custom font sizes. With each burst of familiarity, a new world of creative potential unfurls, allowing creators to paint their narratives with vibrant hues.


In the intricate tapestry of WordPress, the enigmatic vanishing act of color and underline font options may perplex and frustrate content creators. However, through the burst of understanding and the tenacity of troubleshooting, these mysteries often yield to revelation. Embracing the burstiness of alternative solutions, such as custom CSS, page builders, and font plugins, empowers creators to resolutely enhance their WordPress writing experience. As we burst into the realm of Gutenberg and its manifold text formatting options, the creators’ brushstrokes manifest vividly, crafting captivating stories and engaging journeys for their websites and blogs.

How To Fix WordPress Missing Color And Underline Font Options


Why are the color and underline font options missing in WordPress?
The enigmatic absence of these options may arise from outdated WordPress versions, theme limitations, or conflicts with plugins.

How can I troubleshoot the missing formatting options issue?
The burst of troubleshooting entails updating WordPress and plugins, checking theme settings, and temporarily disabling conflicting plugins.

What if the troubleshooting steps do not bring back the missing options?
When mystery shrouds our efforts, consider the burst of using custom CSS, exploring page builders, or installing font plugins as alternative pathways.

What is the Gutenberg editor in WordPress?
The burst of Gutenberg introduces a block-based editing interface, teeming with flexibility and formatting options that surpass the traditional RTE.

Can I customize the appearance of text in WordPress without coding knowledge?
Bursting with the empowerment of Gutenberg and other formatting options, users can embellish text without the burden of coding expertise.

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