How to Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

Today you will learn complete Word Press customization video course in Urdu and Hindi language. In this video, I tell you how to do it and how it works. You can watch and learn “How to change word press admin login page logo?” This tutorial gives you complete understanding on word press step by step.

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo
Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

Word press is an open source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. I hope I give you best way to change the word press admin login page logo. If you are developing a word press website for a client or if you are creating a membership site with Word Press then you may want to change the logo on Word Press login page for branding. You can do this by changing back ground, themes and most of other things of your website.

Uses of word press:

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

There are many uses of WordPress which is given below:

1        Word pres is easy to setup manage and update.

2        Word press is good for your blog and your website.

3        Word press uses incredible theme styles to make your site beautiful.

4        Word press go responsive for mobile web browser.

5        Word press sites are eye-catching.

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

Today, web site use for many purpose like to establish our business, to do some job and improve our company states. Therefore it is necessary to design the admin login page logo. For this video you are enable to deign your web site.  From word press you style your web site according with you. We are going to cover a few of the more common ways to add a custom logo to your Word Press site.

A custom login page in Word Press is one of the most effective ways to building your brand. The login page for Word Press usually looks the same on every site. Most sites will just use the unaltered wp-login.php script which has the same design. A custom login page is the first step in branding your Word Press site. . But sometimes your customers want to replace Word Press logo with their logo especially for branding purposes. There are many plug-in helping you to change the Word Press logo on Login page. Depending on the purposes to use, you can choose one of appropriate plug-in for your Word Press Website.

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

For web site give you most of knowledge about web site, web designing and most of other relative things. After watching this video, you will enable to change admin login page logo. I do my best to tell you about word press and other relative things.

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Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

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